5E Character Sheet v1.1 Update

We have now had the opportunity to get in a couple of sessions of 5th Edition, and based on those sessions, I have made a few updates to my 5th Edition D&D character sheet, bringing the version number to 1.1. Here are the changes:

  • Rearranged the top-most information box (with class, level, etc) to provide a spot for the archetype your character chooses at 3rd Level
  • Added an area for Inspiration by shrinking the Max Hitpoints field
  • Collapsed the Magical Items table (back page) to a smaller size
  • Added an Attunable Items table (back page) with descriptive text about attunement

This won’t be the final version, of course – especially since the DMG isn’t even out yet! 🙂

The sheet can be found on the RPG Resources page or downloaded directly via this button:

Download D&D 5E Character Sheet
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