About the “Twenty Sided Blog”

My name is Kurt Jaegers, and for a while now I’ve run a game development site at http://www.xnaresources.com. It was through this site that I landed a deal to publish my three game programming guides, but Microsoft dropped support for XNA with the release of Windows 8. Because of the specificity of the site’s name, it really didn’t make sense to start covering other game development platforms on a site called “XNA Resources”.

So the Twenty Sided Blog was born, and it extends far beyond game development. I have a wide range of interests, including game development, application development, scripting, database administration, board and role-playing games, and generally anything nerd-related. As the name implies, the Twenty Sided Blog can cover all manner of geekery, so follow along. You never know what might be next.

Want to contact me about something? I try to respond to all of the correspondence I get, so drop me a line:

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