Kickstarter Delivery – Veronica Mars

Back in April 2013, I joined 91,584 other people and contributed to the Kickstarter campaign for the Veronica Mars movie. I had never seen the series at the time, but I had heard from a few people that it was really good, so I backed the Kickstarter and went hunting for the DVDs of the TV Series online. I was able to get each season for about $12 each by keeping an eye on the prices over a couple of months.

My wife and I both really enjoyed the series, so when the backer streaming version of the movie was released on the day it came out in theaters we sat down and watched it, though the streaming quality wasn’t that great. The sound kept getting out of sync just enough to make it look like a badly dubbed film. Bad sound sync always seems to be distracting in a movie for me, so while I enjoyed the film itself the overall experience wasn’t the best.

When I got home today, though, I found the final part of my Kickstarter reward for the campaign waiting for me:



The packaging is decidedly no frills (no printed insert – just the case and the disc), but I expect that it is the same as the retail DVD that is coming out tomorrow. That packaging seems to be the case more and more for DVDs these days.

Some time this week, we will sit down and watch the DVD version, without the distraction of the weird sound issues. I’ll also be interested to watch the documentary about the making of the movie that is included on the disc.

As an aside, so far (knock on wood) everything I have backed on Kickstarter (9 projects at this point) has either delivered as promised or is moving along smoothly – in fact, I just exited Wasteland 2 before typing up this post.) Generally I think a lot of the problems people have with Kickstarter campaigns come from not really thinking about how realistic the campaign’s goal is before jumping in. I know I’ve seen several that I thought were interesting, but the lack of detail on how exactly the producers were going to accomplish what they were planning has steered me away from them.

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