Long Time, No Update

So it has been quite a while since my last post to the blog… What can I say, life’s been busy 🙂 I figured it was time for a small update, especially since I hope to start posting on a more regular basis.

Anyway, you’ve probably noticed (your browser probably insists that you notice) that the site doesn’t support SSL… My web host makes it difficult to implement Let’s Encrypt, and since I don’t actually earn any money from the blog I can’t see paying another $60+ per year for it for SSL, especially given that I don’t sell anything on the site.

In other news, the latest version of the D&D 5E character sheet in my resource section has seen more than 12,000 downloads. That’s pretty crazy, and it is kinda cool that people are using the sheet. Heck, the 2E sheet has been downloaded almost 2000 times.

I’ve updated my World of Warcraft Add-On (QuestClicks) for the latest version of the WoW Client. I haven’t jumped into classic yet, but I might do so just to make whatever tweaks are needed for it to work. If you aren’t familiar, QuestClicks creates a bar of clickable items for things like quest starters, items you have to use during quests, and openable containers you get from emissaries, and other sources.

Finally, I have a couple of projects in the works, including a D&D (or maybe DCC – I haven’t decided yet) campaign setting that I’m looking into perhaps putting up on Kickstarter. It is a setting my own players have played in, an has been kicking around for the better part of two decades now.

Watch this space for more info on that as well as other topics – coming “soon”.

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